Angels – I’ahhel Angel of Meditation

There are many, many ways in which to meditate quieting your mind, your heart, your Soul and your Spirit. Light a candle of white or rose, focus your gaze upon the flame. Soften your focus, watching the flame grow and recede, becoming brighter and brighter, changing colors within its self.  Play soft music, allowing your mind to drift away, allowing the stillness within to renew your Spirit, calm your heart.

Call upon I’ahhel to assist you in clearing the mental chatter, empowering your conscious mind to quiet, receiving requested guidance. It is not difficult to sit in the stillness for a few minutes each day or evening. If you will but rest your mind for 5 minutes, you will be able to cause a shift within your inner Self, within your physical body, Aura and energy fields.

As you ask for guidance, be willing to open your mind and your heart to receiving guidance, direction, clarification, even validation. You may not always receive guidance during meditation; you will increase opportunities to receive guidance by quieting your thoughts, slowing your breath.

I’ahhel, whose name means, Quiet Solitude, shall be your constant companion during times of stilling your mind. This Angel seeks only to enhance your meditation experience.  Develop your own way of becoming one with your inner Self, your core essence, opening your connection with the Divine Source of All There Is.

A Message from Angel I’ahhel*

Quiet yourself Self beloved one; know you are love beyond measure this day and all the days before you.

Practice the silencing of your thoughts, still the swirling of emotions within thy center.

All is well with you this day….all is healed…all is given in the moment of the asking…al is healed in the silence between each breath….all is known on the space between thy thoughts….feel the heartbeat of winged creatures and you shall know the heartbeat of all the Creator’s creatures as your own.

Go forth in peace and contentment. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady, D.Ms

Create a special space in your home or room where you can simply release all your concerns or worries knowing you are free to express your innermost thoughts, your dreams, and your desires. As you practice meditating, becoming quiet, your will experience a sense of peacefulness as you go about your day. True there will be days when whatever you choose will not bring the desired relief.

There is no right way or wrong way, there is only your way. Discover what works best for you as you journey the path before you, speaking your truth with loving kindness.

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