Hello beautiful Soul, what if I could show you how to have a 24/7 personal relationships with your Angels? AND what if I told you .... it's EASIER and SIMPLER than you believe?

Angels and Crystals Insider Club

You. Your Angels. Your Personal 24/7 Angel Relationship.

Let's Create Yours Together Beautiful Soul You, Me and Your Angels!

The Angels and Crystals Insider Club is a Community designed especially for “Angel Lovers” who want a crystal clear connection, like you!

As a member, you’ll get access to ...

  • support and resources including templates
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... that will help you instantly connect to your Angels tapping into your intuitive gifts to get answers, guidance and messages that you easily recognize and understand.

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

Founder of the Angels and Crystals Insider Club

Your Personal 24/7  Angel Relationship Guide


“Terrie Marie isn't just teaching 'about' angels. She lives it. This isn't just a fad for her; it's her life, and has been for most of it. You won't regret this, if you're curious what angels do for you, and how to get to REALLY know them.” Marjorie Geiser; MEG Enterprises; Arizona

“Terrie Marie is the real deal. I didn't believe in Angels before I met Terrie Marie, now I have an entire dream team of Angels who help me in every area of my life. Terrie Marie does an amazing job of enlightening the reader about who the Angels are and how they work in our lives. She shows you how to connect with them and how easy it is to get their guidance and assistance. Angels have a structure and exist within certain realms and you learn about that.” Julia Neiman; Young Entrepreneur Empowerment Coach; California

I feel privileged to call Terrie Marie not only my mentor, but also my friend. Her energy comes from love and light that she is. She has dedicated her life to be of service, to help people like you and me, to connect with the angels.  Jiri Kral; Master Crystal Healer; California


Gift #1: Guardian Angels on Call

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Gift #2: Angel Alchemy and Your Energy

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Gift #3: Crystals and Minerals: A Metaphysical Reference Guide

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Gift #4: Angels, Crystals and Your Aura

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“When I first started all this, working with Terrie Marie, I had no idea what to expect. I just had this feeling and I trusted her to get me where I wanted to go. What she does is help open your eyes to all the negativity. She puts herself out there on a limb with information even when you don’t feel strong enough to believe it. That’s what makes her unique. She really cares about your dreams. If you trust her, stick to it and deal with your f**** s*** instead of moaning about it, well, that’s anyone really has to do that comes on your course.” Margaret Barnes; Pug Natural Remedies, Holistic Healing; United Kingdom

“Terrie Marie has the spark that manifests itself every time she speaks with someone who is in need of guidance making them feel comfortable even when there are many miles distance or in another country. The connection is due to empathy for others feelings. She is a woman who understands people’s pain and suffering and the need to find purpose inside oneself.” Moises Benaim; Kibbutz Media Services; Venezuela


Get Access to the Angels and Crystals Insider Club plus all the Free Gifts above ($134 value)  … be the next 24/7 Angel Relationship Success Story!

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"I have been working with the Angel Lady since 2014; she inspires me to be who I am. Her guidance has helped me to manifest so many good things in my life and for my family like peace, love and kindness towards each other. I have learned so much. I am so thankful that I have her in my life. Terrie Marie also helped me find my purpose and that there is nothing that I cannot achieve with the right guidance. Thank you bless lady for your guidance and help during my journey may you continue to inspire others to reach their full potential. Much love light and blessings.” Beverlyn Anderson; United Kingdom

“I have worked with several coaches that work within the field of Channeling Angels and teaching those called to do the same. What sets Terrie Marie ‘the Angel Lady’ apart from the rest is that she is not about the hype or clichés.

You will find her authentic in her ability to channel messages from the Angels that are educational and meaningful. And when put into practice, produces the desired results!

She lives in her heart space and is very giving of herself on behalf of the Angels she helps to serve.” Tina S. Sredl-Niedzwiecke; Clear Vision Assets; Hawthorne, Nevada

Get Access to the Angels and Crystals Insider Club plus all the Free Gifts above ($134 value) … be the next 24/7 Angel Relationship Success Story!

$147 Lifetime Membership >>>

Pay in Full and Save OR Choose 2 Easy Pays $97 each

OR ...

$27 Monthly Membership >>>

No Ongoing Commitment: You Can Cancel Anytime

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Angel Lady Terrie Marie’s ‘Money Back Guarantee’ … if you show-up for 30 days, for all calls, implement the Action Steps, join  and engage in our online community and you don’t learn at least one way to connect to Angels, then I’ll give you your money back.


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