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Angel of the Presence, Metatron, You and Being Present: Metatron is the Keeper of the Akashic Records and helps you balance your Chakra Energy


Soul Stone Balances Your Energy: Fluorite is also known as the Rainbow Stone, helping you connect to the Higher Energies and your Inner-Intuitive Self


How Fluorite and Metatron Balance and     Heal Your Energy: The Soul Stone and Archangel Metatron help you cleanse, balance and align your Chakras and all of your Energy bodies Simultaneously


Channeled Angel Meditation Journey: These Angel and Crystal Meditations are channeled in the moment. You may have joined us for Monthly Angel Gatherings in 2016 and remember the imagery and transformational healing experiences gifted to us in the way only Angels can.


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As a reminder, all trainings and guided meditations are being recorded and you’ll have access to the recordings as long as you are a current member of the Angels and Crystals and Insider Club. Recording links will be emailed and posted in our private Facebook Group within 24-48 hours after each virtual livestream broadcast.

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