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Marketing Coach /  Cosnultant
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Marti’s Sweet and Clean
My office is in Los Angeles California. For safety, we prefer to encourage Long Distance or Remote healing. However, if you are in the area we will be happy to book an appointment for you and give you the address and directions.
For anyone unfamiliar with Pranic Healing: Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of healing that utilizes "Prana" or "Ki" or "Life Energy" to heal the whole physical body. As a practicing colon hydrotherapist, I sometimes would notice during a session that my hands would turn red or feel hot and itchy. After seeking advice from my employer and a few other holistic practitioners I attended several Pranic Healing Seminars. I learned that I had a gift...I was feeling my clients energy or illness in my hands and wanted to learn how to help them heal faster. These classes taught me how to heal properly with my hands first and then with crystals. I am grateful I can help my clients with this wondrous modality right into a colonic session! We are really sweeping & cleaning now!! I appreciate that I am able to provide Long Distance Energy Healing sessions for people and pets.

A recent Client's Pranic Healing experience: I had my first Pranic Healing session at home in 2015 with Marti. I say "at home" because I had been hospitalized for over a month and felt energetically low, dirty, and dead inside. I met Marti through a friend and we set up a session right away. Even though I wasn't sure what to expect, I felt comfortable and safe with Marti, then closed my eyes. With a non-touch gentle motion, Marti scanned my body for hot & cold spots and energy depletions within my chakras. Then used a crystal wand to clean and re-energize. As this was happening I sensed a sparkling golden white light throughout my body from head to toe. I was refreshed ! I currently have Pranic healing remotely with Marti once a month and for my 12 year old cat who had bad allergies. Thank you Marti!!

Michelle Shaeffer
Are you struggling to build the business you know is possible? Confused or frustrated by all this online "stuff", from funnels to social media, and wondering how you can put the pieces together into a plan that works? I can help!

Michelle Shaeffer has written 42 blog posts in a single day… mentored more than 15,000 bloggers through Blog Challenges… published 1,000+ posts on her own blog… and is currently at work on her book, The Art of Actually Giving a Damn: Rise of the Empath Entrepreneur.

Michelle's an award-winning blogger, international speaker, author, marketing consultant and human psychology junkie. She's the creator of Lingo Dynamics; the HookLine Dynamic app; and helps her clients discover exactly how to measure the way words "feel" so they can get noticed, get heard & get sales. Create your FREE account today at

She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners discover how simple it can be to get real results from their websites, transforming them from ghost towns into ideal client attracting, lead generating, authority building tools. Connect with her for fun, smart training to help you make your online presence work the way you deserve so you can reach the crowd you're meant to serve and get your message out into the world.
My Funnel Team
We Take Care Of Design, Development & Integration Headaches, Saving You Time, Money & Hassle So That
You Can Focus On Marketing And Product Development!

Done For You Launch Funnel, Membership Sites, Authority Sites, Landing Pages, Blogs etc
Don't Let Design & Tech Stuff Hold You Back From Your Launch, Your Goals & Your Dreams.

We Take Care Of Design, Development & Integration Headaches, Saving You Time, Money & Hassle So That
You Can Focus On Marketing And Product Development!
Reliable, Experienced and Affordable Team
Information Marketing is our core niche and we have been helping Coaches, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Mentors and Marketers around the world successfully launch their product.

Let us look after all your technical setup while you focus on product development and marketing. We are here to advise on the best infrastructure, strategy and processes and also to make it happen.

Do What You Do Best And Delegate The Rest!
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