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Passionate Horsemanship
109 CR 139
Merkel, TX 79536
Teaching equestrians how to use holistic products or methods which will save them time, money or they'll know what to do before the veterinarian arrives.

I'm Kim Wende owner of Passionate Horsemanship and I'm passionate about teaching others how to use holistic methods. I've been using holistic products and methods for 25+ years. I'm a professional trainer that has 40+ years of experience working with horses, I have 5 horses, 1 miniature horse, and 1 miniature donkey. I also have 4 dogs, 2 Rat Terriers, 1 Border Collie and 1 Pit Bull mix.

I am certified in the following:
2000 – Bio-Energetic Balancing for horses and humans
2001 – Equine Iridology
2002 – Advanced Photonic Therapy by Dr. Brian McLaren

In addition to the above certifications, I’ve taken courses in Equine Acupressure, Equine Myofascial Release, Equine Touch and Geopathic stress zones. I use polarity, muscle testing, light energy, and colors as well as utilizing essential oils using the acupoints on the body depending on the needs of the animal.

NOTICE/DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian and I do not offer medical advice nor do I diagnose, treat or cure any animal. The content on my site Passionate Horsemanship is not intended and should not be viewed as a substitute for appropriate veterinary or medical care it is for educational purposes only. Any information provided comes from my personal experiences and from various companies, health care professionals and individuals who have researched and/or dealt with the health issues included in the content. Please use what feels appropriate to you, and consult with your allopathic, holistic or homeopathic veterinarian for proper diagnoses of medical issues before proceeding with the suggestions I provide.
Pug Natural Remedies
Eve Street, Louth, Lincolnshire, U.K.
LN11 0JJ
Pug Natural Remedies is part of the Leaf Holistic Healing Centre which specialised in Naturopathy. I am a canine wellness advisor and provide natural healing for your dog which includes nutrition, therapeutic diet plans, botanicals and energetic healing sessions. PNR specialises in chronic conditions such as arthritis, IBS, cancer, respiratory and acute complaints.

Pug Natural Remedies is a canine wellness service healing dogs through diet, botanicals, natural remedies and education.

I am Margaret Barnes a Canine Wellness Advisor, Naturopath & Holistic Therapist. I have been working in alternative therapy since 1998. I have owned Pugs for 10+ years and combined my experiences into PNR. We have our own Grumble of five - PugBeast (Mast Cell), Stella (blind), Esmeralda (old age), Poppy (wobbly leggies) & Cute Boy Elliot; you can imagine they keep me busy, which I love.

B.A.Hons, PGCE, M.A Music Psychology & Neuroscience, Crystal Therapy Certification, Reiki Certification, Naturopathic Training,
Holistic training (private)

Please note: The contents of Pug Natural Remedies are for general information only and not intended to take the place of any medical publications nor are they to be relied upon for the purpose of diagnosis or treatments of disease. I can not take any responsibility for any loss or injury due to a result of information on this page. Please always consult a medical professional.

Master of Arts, Holistic Therapist, Naturopath and Wellness Advisor.

B.A. Hons., PGCE., M.A. Music Psychology & Neuroscience, Colour Therapy & Crystal Therapy Training & 18 years experience in holistic healing and naturopathy.

(+44) 0 7506145183