Crystal Healing

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Tap into your Gift of Seeing through your Third eye and your Inner-Sight for clearer dreams, images and visualizing your path.

Dissolve negative ‘Energy Congestion’ from your Third Eye Chakra, whether their Third Eye is already open or not.

If your Third Eye is already open, the Third Eye Cleansing ™ will help to open it for more clear visions and insight.

If your Third Eye is not yet open, it will begin the process making it easier and less challenging, which will increase their inner-sight regardless of the stage of their Third Eye opening.

Release "junky" energy and images from the past, to shift energy, negative emotions, feelings and thoughts that cloud your "vision" enabling you to really "SEE" more clearly.


How it works …

5 Special Angels are called-in for the cleansing

Clear Chakra of negative energy and strengthen your Aura

Negative energy is cleared and dissolved from your Third Eye, removing shields from this life-time for clearer “seeing” of your Life Purpose

Opens your Third Eye Chakra more, or begin the process of opening your Third Eye with the help of 5 Special Angels

Remote Sessions: Your Third Eye Cleansing is done remotely (not in person) making it easier for you to rest, while your Third Eye and your body process the cleansing. Sessions are done remotely, for your comfort and safety.

Once your Third Eye Cleansing ™ has been booked, you’ll email your photo to me

After your Third Eye Cleansing ™ session is finished, I will email you a personal message from the Angels for your Third Eye



Bonus Gift #1: Bonus Third Eye Angel Reference Guide (PDF) is included.

Bonus Gift #2: Personal Message from the Angels for your Third Eye



Third Eye Cleansing Sessions:  20-30 minute session

Remote Third Eye Cleansings are remote, using a photo of you.
Isn't it time to treat yourself and get your energy ‘cleared and back in balance’ so you can keep doing all that you are doing, get out of your own way, and re-connect with your Angels for clear guidance and message?

What one of my clients says about her Archangel Crystal Attunement ...

“One of the reasons I had an attunement was that I have been through many deaths within my family, the energies coming at us this time of year, and I needed to feel a sense of groundedness. Now, asking celestial beings for grounding is going against what you might expect, but having the attunement did just that.

I felt a back adjustment as I was sitting there, some pressure taken out of my body, and a sense of well-being afterwards. With all of this new energy coming into our beings, it takes every being surrounding us to keep us in balance.

This attunement was the active part of balance. Every night, with my prayers, I also invoke the angels to come and help me assimilate the new energies coming in. We all need a tune up once in a while, to keep us in balance, and this did it!

Thanks, Terrie Marie!  Ellen; San Mateo, California”

Let’s call-in 7 Archangels on your behalf and get your Chakra’s free of negativity so that your energy is sparkling with Angel Energy. Just the link below to schedule your Archangel Crystal Attunement today. Let's get you "cleared" and on your way!

Sessions are in-person and remote via video chat and are 45 to 50 minutes each.