Pendulum Reading

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Pendulum Readings
Description: Pendulum readings are primarily used for yes/no type of questions.
It involves the universe, the client, and my being a clear channel to get the answers you are
looking for.

I am Marie Waters, an experienced Pendulum reader. I have been working with Pendulums for
several years. I communicate answers through the signals that my pendulum gives me. Questions
have to be specific, especially when asking about time frames. I help my clients phrase their
question(s) to get clear, specific answers that help you. Being specific is very important when
working with pendulums.

Pendulum reading involves my clients’ and my focus, getting clear answers and guidance.
Pendulums can answer yes/no questions, however, there are times that there isn’t enough
contributing factors or experiences and will be given the “I don’t know” or “I don’t want to
answer”. If there is not a yes/no answer, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be answered. It just means that the universe does not have enough information at that time. Can you ask the questions again, on a later date? Of course, you just need to give it a bit of time for the universe to obtain more information.

Keep in mind, as the universe changes, so will the outcome of the guidance and answers to your

My clients have expressed that I have been extremely accurate with my work. Recently, Lara (a
client) stated, “Everything you have ever answered for me was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!” My mission is to help others on their paths to get the guidance and answers they need and want.