Prosperity & Abundance

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Solopreneur Woman
2 Spirit Run Place
I teach heart centered women business owners to value themselves and their work more, feel more confidence asking for what they want and expressing themselves more powerfully in the world. Get out of your own way, stop driving with brakes on and create new neural pathways for prosperity. My background includes many certifications, an extensive personal journey through business failure, working with thousands of clients in business AND in transformational coaching. I specialize in income growth, self-confidence and empowerment, and creating more fun and fulfillment in business, for creative, visionary and spiritual entrepreneurs.

Prosperity and Confidence coaching and transformational energy work for women who want to make a difference and a joyful, fulfilling living doing what they love to do. To help you clear issues around “not being good enough”, confidence, power, money an success, to help you heal shame and other issues around the Feminine, I have tons of training and experience (my own journey as well as helping thousands of clients). My work is highly customized to you—we address multiple levels—whatever is needed in the moment, which might include practical business coaching or even tax advice, clearing unconscious beliefs, Tapping into Wealth Coaching, Resonance Repatterning, Soul Clearing, releasing vows, and realigning generational/ancestral patterns. We discover and clear the subconscious programming that is holding you back, and create new neural pathways for easy, fun and joyful change, that won’t take years!