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Kibbutz Media
Unleash your Business’ Digital Potential; Digital Services for tomorrow´s Enterprises

Unleash your Business’ Digital Potential

Digital Services for tomorrow´s Enterprises

Websites - Domains - Hosting - Ecommerce - Social Media - Ads - SEO - Consulting - Coaching - Conferences


Website designed and fully developed custom, starting from wordpress [Brooklyn v4. 4.1].

Diseño responsive, fullscreen layout. Revolution Slider v5.4.5, integración con Jetpack, anti malware, anti spam, anti phishing.

Various Premium Plugins, interactive charts, Slider Galeries, integration with RSS.

Contact, database, VIP area, downloadable content, business webmail to Google.

Integration With Google Analytics, SEO, blog [Blogger].

Custom project for our partner smart money latam based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and with operations in Central America, the Caribbean and South America.