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Annie’s Metaphysical Book Shop
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Heaven and Earth Angels Book Shoppe and Crystal Garden
945 South Mesa Hills Drive
"I was impressed with my order of a chrysocolia and a selenite sphere from the crystal garden. They were absolutely beautiful as well as the energy and quality of the stones. The thoughtful packaging of the crystals was neat and secured my items very well. I received them within a few days of placing my order." Alice Granado; University of New Mexico

Each crystal is hand selected, cleansed and charged with Angel Crystal Reiki Energy.
Crystals and Minerals do soooo much more than help you raise your vibration and focus your intentions. Crystals are Gifts from Mother Earth. Each having a special energy all their own. When you find one that draws your attention, 'calls' to you energetically, that Crystal has special messages and energy just for you.
"I purchased 2 crystals from Terrie Marie. OOOMMMGGG!!!! They are so beautiful. The camera doesn't do them justice. They are so much more beautiful in person. I have a Smokey Topaz and a Blue Barite. Terrie Marie, thank you again!!! ❤️" Esther Marie Arroyos; New Mexico
The Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms., is an Amazon Best-Selling Author and has published 5 books on or about Angels and how to connect to them, in practical, Down to Earth ways making it easy for anyone who wants to have a clearer connection to Angels they can trust and rely on.