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New Mexico
I pour my heart and soul into Reiki and Emotion Code (emotional clearing). I love the way they compliment each other as well as how they support my clients (and myself) emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

I love sending Reiki to assist your body in returning to its natural healing state. It is my favorite compliment to western medicine and self care practice! My most humbling Reiki blessing was when a client was released from the hospital after the onset and reversal of renal failure. She had been battling cancer for a couple years and went to the hospital feeling sick. They admitted her telling her that she was septic and it snowballed from there. I tear up every time I think about how blessed I am to have been a channel for that client. I have also been blessed by getting to work with animals. I love seeing them recover faster from surgery, injury, and illness. My most rewarding work has been with rescue animals and bridging the gap between fur baby and pet parent.

Emotion Code is a fabulous way to release trapped emotions in a non invasive way that could be manifesting physically and causing chronic problems. I love it so much because you don't have to disclose anything to me or know anything about your issue other than, you have one! My most remarkable Emotion Code blessing was a client with severe skin allergy to all essential oils for a few years she experienced very severe skin reactions to them when used topically. A handful of sessions later and she is now able to apply oils topically again! There is no limit to what Emotion Code can do for you! I also use Emotion Code when working with animals. I have helped pet parents eliminate markings issues, aggression, timidness, eating disorders, separation anxiety, and all the difficult behavioral symptoms that go along with those issues. I love watching animals progress. Its so rewarding to start with an animal so scared from abuse and end with the animal being happy, playful, and peaceful in their loving forever home.
Pranic Healing Pracititoner
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Tap into your Gift of Seeing through your Third eye and your Inner-Sight for clearer dreams, images and visualizing your path.

Dissolve negative ‘Energy Congestion’ from your Third Eye Chakra, whether their Third Eye is already open or not.

If your Third Eye is already open, the Third Eye Cleansing ™ will help to open it for more clear visions and insight.

If your Third Eye is not yet open, it will begin the process making it easier and less challenging, which will increase their inner-sight regardless of the stage of their Third Eye opening.

Release "junky" energy and images from the past, to shift energy, negative emotions, feelings and thoughts that cloud your "vision" enabling you to really "SEE" more clearly.


How it works …

5 Special Angels are called-in for the cleansing

Clear Chakra of negative energy and strengthen your Aura

Negative energy is cleared and dissolved from your Third Eye, removing shields from this life-time for clearer “seeing” of your Life Purpose

Opens your Third Eye Chakra more, or begin the process of opening your Third Eye with the help of 5 Special Angels

Remote Sessions: Your Third Eye Cleansing is done remotely (not in person) making it easier for you to rest, while your Third Eye and your body process the cleansing. Sessions are done remotely, for your comfort and safety.

Once your Third Eye Cleansing ™ has been booked, you’ll email your photo to me

After your Third Eye Cleansing ™ session is finished, I will email you a personal message from the Angels for your Third Eye



Bonus Gift #1: Bonus Third Eye Angel Reference Guide (PDF) is included.

Bonus Gift #2: Personal Message from the Angels for your Third Eye



Third Eye Cleansing Sessions:  20-30 minute session

Remote Third Eye Cleansings are remote, using a photo of you.