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Green Apophyllite Stimulates the Flow of Chi, Increasing Health, Wealth and Abundance

Apophyllite resonates and connects with the Higher Realms. It is excellent for clearing blockages, stimulating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Helps one meditate at deeper levels and being present.

Green Apophyllite (large)

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Green Apophyllite has a sweet, calming energy, increasing the flow of life within and around you.

Helps one develop communication with the Animal and Plant Kingdoms. It also aids in clearing psychic and intuitive channels with the Higher Realms.

Green Apophyllite magnifies the energies of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. It is ideal when working with Energy Portals and 5th Dimensional Doorways such as Angels of the Seraphim.

*Angelic Association: Archangel Raphael - Divine Healer Within

*Asariel - Angel of Konwing

*Metaphysical Properties: Resonates with Heart, Crown and Third Eye Chakras; invokes energies for renewal and re-birth

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