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White Apophyllite Helps Attune You to the Higher Frequencies and Inter-dimensional Travel

Apophyllite resonates and connects with the Higher Realms. It is excellent for clearing blockages, stimulating the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Helps one meditate at deeper levels and being present.

White Flake Apophyllite Cluster with Marcasite

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This amazing crystal has the capacity, with practice through meditation, to increase one's iner-vision capabilities, enhancing remote viewing clarity.

White Apophyllite can help one connect with and access Spiritual and the Higher Angelic Realms, attuning the Inner-Intuitive Self to the higher frequencies.

Meditating and working with Apophyllite, creates a sense of purity and Spiritual Presence, attracting a multitude of  Angels.

*Angelic Association: Angel Barbiel - Pure of Heart

*Ambriel - Angel of Truth and Clarity

*Archangel Michael - Angel Prince of Light and Light Clarity

*Metaphysical Properties of Apophyllite: Resonates with Heart, Crown and Third Eye Chakras; inner-vision re-connection with one's life path

*Metaphysical Properties of Marcasite: Resonates with Root, Sacral and solar Plexus Chakras; encourages action for co-creation

*Metaphysical Properties of Galena: Root Chakra; grounds excess nervous energy; restores balance male and female energies

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