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Archangel Gabriel, Speaking Your Truth with Compassion

Aqua Aura helps you connect with and tune-in to the Higher-Realms of Angels and that of Universal Energy. Helps you speak your truth with compassion authenticity and unconditional love.

Aqua Aura Quartz Twin Flame Point

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Aqua Aura calms the spirit within and all energy bodies, releasing negative energy blocks in the Throat Chakra. Enhances one's ability to communicate the inner-truth of who you are.

Aqua Aura will help you channel Angels for clear guidance and messages. It can also help you access inter-dimensional travel during sleep-time, lucid dreaming and meditation. It will help prevent psychic attack projected by negative thoughts of others.

*Angelic Association: Archangel Gabriel - Messenger of Divine Source

*Angel Samandiriel - Seeing Beyond Surface Appearances

*Metaphysical Properties: Clears Throat Chakra; access Third Eye seeing beyond the current moment

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