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Rainbows and Your Chakra's Creating Balance

Fluorite is also known as the Rainbow or Soul Stone. It resonates with all Chakra Energy Centers, balancing positive and negative energies.

Rainbow Fluorite Obelisk

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Green and Whisper White Fluorite Obelisk

Deep Purple and Green Fluorite Obelisk

Fluorite is used for energy alignment, enhance self-confidence and channeling excess energy whether positive or negative.

Helps with discernment, grounding and integrating Spiritual energies, clearing the way to increase intuition. Fluorite cuts through illusion allowing one to gain a better sense of themselves.

Fluorite aids in inter-dimensional travel, centering the Self; helps one access the sub-conscious mind through the conscious mind, creating new-neural pathways to live one's Life Purpose more fully.

*Angelic Association: Archangel Taharial - Angel of Purification and Divine Protection

*Metaphysical Properties: Resonates with ALL Chakra's, resonates more specifically with Third Eye accessing inner-sight

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