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Blue Kyanite Helps You Connect to Angels and Protect You from Negative Energy

Blue Kyanite is among the very few crystalline forms which is capable of renewing its own energy frequency. It does not need to be cleansed as most other crystals and gemstones do.

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Blue Kyanite is unique, and is capable of clearing all channels of communication, expanding your conscious connection with Angels, Universal Energy and Spirit Guides.

It's best to begin working with this stone during meditation aligning your energy frequency to its harmonious vibration, integrating light and dark within.

*Angelic Realm Association: Archangel Michael, whose name means, He Who Is Like God will cleanse lower, negative energy from within and around you, when asked.

Archangel Gabriel, whose name means, Messenger of God, will assist you in dissolving blockages in your Throat Chakra, enabling you to speak your truth with clarity and understanding.

*Healing Properties:  dispels negative energy, boosts immune system, clears the pathway before you, balance your Chakra Energy Centers.

*Vibrational Frequency: tranquil, freeing, higher consciousness,

*Spiritual Properties: communication with Spiritual Realm, dream recall, telepathy

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