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Labradorite Awakens Your Intuitive Gifts and Connect to Angels

Labradorite helps one awaken to their innate mental and intuitive gifts and abilities, communicating with Higher-Guides and Angels.

Blue Flash Labradorite (#3)

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Blue Flash Labradorite (#4)

Labradorite helps one tap into an increasing awareness of synchronicity and serendipity ... there are no 'accidents' and all things co-incide one with the other.

Helps one access their innate gifts of telepathy, astral travel and the Akashic Records.

Labradorite is a stone of transformation and protection, raising the consciousness of all who work and meditate with it.

Labradorite radiates energy which helps to consciously pierce the veil between the physical waking world and one's inner-awareness from which all things emanate.

*Angelic Association: Angel Peliel - Primary Guide between Realms

*Raduriel - Angel of Wisdom and Insights

*Archangel Metatron -  Akashic Records Guide; Balance All Chakras

*Metaphysical Properties: Resonates with ALL Chakra's; inter-dimensional stone reaching between the Realms through the Veil of Forgetfullness

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