The Angel Lady Terrie Marie's

Private Collection

Bi-Terminated, Lemurian Seed Crystal Healer

This powerful healer caught my eye and has connected to the inner-healer within me. It is a Bi-Terminated Transmitter.

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This amazing 'Healer' has been tapping into my consciousness, letting me KNOW it is to remain with me. It is an honor to be the custodian of such a powerful healer.

Among its characteristics are Lemurian Seed Crystals for access to the Higher-Worlds and the Akashic Records in the service of others.

There is a Geometric inclusion with a variety of naturally formed minerals to include Iron Oxide for grounding and transmutation.

*Angelic Association: ALL Angels; more specifically Archangel Raphael, Metatron, Melchizedek, Raduriel, Michael, Gabriel, Jophiel, Ezekiel, Barakiel, Elemiah, Satarel, Haziel ..

*Metaphysical Properties: Unconditional Love; Heals at the cellular level; ease balancing Earth and Angelic Realm energies

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