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"Super Heart" Red Quartz Grounds Your Energy, Stimulating Creativity

Red Quartz is highly prized for its unique characteristics, radiating a focused energy field which often completely fills its physical environment, uplifting the vibration of all who are exposed to its powerful energies.

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"Super Heart" Red Quartz works primarily with the Physical Chakras, grounding excess energies and provides protection, shielding you and your environment from free-floating, unwanted negative energies.

This amazing gift from Mother Earth, helps Healers ground before, during and after giving energy healing treatments. It can, with practice, enhance and intensify any energy healing modality.

It can stimulate creativity in offices and studios for all creative endeavors. More specifically, Moroccan Red Quartz helps musicians , artists and writers connect with their 'inner-creative muse.'

*Angel Association: Nathaniel - Angel of Fire and Purification

Archangel Uriel - Manifesting Dreams and Co-Creating Reality

*Metaphysical Properties:  It activates and balances the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus Charka Energy Centers

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