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Laser Beam Like Healing Energy

Vogel Clear Quartz Healing Wands

Healing Wands are human-shaped crystals which direct, with laser-beam like precision, where healing energy is most needed.  Crystal Wands weave healing energy through the physical and energy bodies.

Vogel Quartz Healing Wand

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Healing Wands are precise channels for increase the flow of Reiki Healing Energy as well as all forms of channeled healing energy modalities.

Clear Quartz is an energy enhancer, magnifying the effects of healing energies passing through it for maximum benefit.

Healing Wands infuse and channel healing energy throughout the physical, mental, emotional energy bodies, strengthening the Aura, which is the first layer of defense against negativity.

*Angel Association: Archangel Raphael and all Healing Angels

Metaphysical Properties: Cleanse, balance and align Chakra's, physical and all energy bodies; laser-like focused healing energy where most needed

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