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Black Tourmaline Helps You Balance Yin and Yang Energies, Protects and Shields from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline Tower #1

Black Tourmaline Tower #2


Black Tourmaline is an incredibly powerful crystal, protects and shields one from negative energy. It also acts as a 'purification cleanser' sucking up vast amounts of negative energy in any physical environment.

Black Tourmaline will assist you with detoxing your physical body of negative energy by repelling and creating a protective shield that extends outward.

Encourages strength and faith during challenging situations or circumstances.

Black Tourmaline balances Yin female and Yang male energies, grounding excess negative energy, cleansing the Aura from psychic attack.

*Angelic Association: Archangel Chamuel

*Metaphysical Properties: Resonates with Root or Basic Chakra; survival issues, increasing the flow of energy into and through the Root Chakra

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