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Instantly Raise Your Inner-Vibration for Outer Success and Financial Prosperity, Better Health, More Wealth and Love! A Completely NEW and EASY Way of Connecting to Angels. 

What Is "Sacred Angel Realms?"

Sacred Angel Realms is NOT just another book about Angels.

It IS about how to connect to Angels to raise your inner-vibration for Success and Prosperity. Sacred Angel Realms is a "Behind the Scenes “look into Three Angelic Heavens and Nine Angelic Hierarchies, what Angels can do for you and how to connect to Angels in easy "doable" ways that have worked for thousands of people worldwide.

If you are a Success and Prosperity Heart Centered Entrepreneur and Spiritual Growth Seeker, then this book will give you insights to connect to Angels and Universal Energy to instantly increase your inner-vibration for outer attraction of wealth, love and health faster and more effectively ... guaranteed!


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Sacred Angel Realms

A Completely NEW Way of Connecting to Angels and Universal Energy to Raise Your Inner-Vibration for Outer Success and Financial Prosperity, Wealth, Healing and Love

Check out why these successful, prosperity seeking heart centered entrepreneurs and Spiritual Growth Seekers rave about the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

I didn't believe in Angels until ...

"I didn't even believe in Angels until I met Terrie Marie. Now I have an entire team of Angels to help me in every area of my life. She does an amazing job of enlightening the reader about Angels, who they are and how they work in our lives."

Julia Neiman, Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

This book is empowering ...

"This book is empowering. The author includes references that challenge our beliefs and perceptions in an intelligent and heartfelt way."

Margaret Barnes, Naturopathy Healer 

Her guidance is always right on the money

"When I first met Terrie Marie AKA "the Angel Lady," I immediately knew she was woman with an incredible depth of knowledge. Not only is she intuitive and perceptive, she is kind and honest. She is absolutely genuine, and her advice and guidance is always right on the money, and above all, she is truly an Angel in her own right."

Tiffany Hoobler-Ruiz, Certified Past Life Regressionist

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I want to give you more, and in just a moment I'll reveal exactly what you'll discover in Angels for Success and Prosperity FREE Video Course.

Angel books are a dime-a-dozen. They're written by people who "talk the talk" BUT don't walk the walk. They've never been there and done that. They just write books to say they've written a book without revealing the "Secret Sauce" of how to connect to Angels and Universal Energy.

47 Proven "Down to Earth" Strategies to Jump-Start the Way You Raise Your Inner-Vibration Connect to Angels and Universal Energy for Outer Attraction of What You Want Most ... Wealth, Health and Love ...

INSIDE OF This FREE Book, Are A Few Secrets That You'll Be Given for FREE ...

  • Specific ways your Guardian Angels give you guidance and messages, protect you from harm and negative energy - pg.11
  • How Archangels help you remove energy blocks to Manifesting Your Dreams, Goals and Desires.
  • Which 5 Warrior Angels eliminate Negative Energy and Ego Distractions, clearing your path - pg. 30
  • WHY being able to find peace and harmony within helps you connect to your Higher-Self and tap into the flow of energy - pg. 37
  • Knowing how to surrender what we can't control is essential to connecting with your Inner-Intuitive Self and your deepest desires.
  • Discover how healing from the inside-out helps you "bridge the gap" of where you are to manifesting more wealth, health and love in your life. - pages 59-69
  • How Angels and Universal Energy help you create a new reality that matches what's in your heart and mind, the lifestyle you know you can have if you just knew how.
  • The 5 Angels who can help you let go of the outcome of what you've been "working so hard" to manifest into every area of your life, work and business.
  • Imagine being able to figure out once and for all how fear feeds doubt, lack and poverty-consciousness which causes feelings of being unworthy, not deserving to have success and prosperity, wealth, health and love. - pages 88-95

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Let me be crystal clear ...

This book is not about the basic ways to connect to Angels and Universal energy. You are, more than likely already doing that.

It is based on years of experience successfully connecting to Angels and Universal Energy day-in-and-day-out and helping thousands of  people world-wide, to do the same.

Knowing which Angels can help you, what kinds of questions to ask and HOW TO ASK, is what makes this book different.

The techniques and strategies are simple, they will NOT add hours to you're already super busy day. Who needs more to do ... certainly not you!

My Promise: Everything in here WORKS is simple and doable.

I want you to EASILY and QUICKLY connect to Angels and Universal Energy to raise your inner-vibration for outer attraction of more wealth, health and love whether you are working for yourself or someone else.

I know what it's like to constantly question if I could REALLY be SUCCESSFUL and and help others to take the Leap of Faith to help them figure out the "blind spot" and get out of their own way.

I've been there ... not knowing how to trust what's real and what's make believe. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I made. I learned what to ask and how to ask to get clear answers to my questions to become a master Angel Communicator and NOW IT'S YOUR TURN ...

How to Get Started ...

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There is a limited number of FREE copies of "Sacred Angel Realms" to give away.

My intention is to make this available to as many people as possible, but there are only so many copies and they WILL sell out fast.

Why wait? It's free, and if you "think about it," you'll also risk missing out on this opportunity to start connecting to Angels and Universal Energy in ways that just may blow your mind.


Well, there are a couple of reasons actually ...

#1 - This book is something I WISH I could've had at my fingertips when I started connecting to Angels and Universal Energy 15 years ago!

It would have answered so many questions I had about the different kinds of Angels and how they could really help me understand myself better.

This book "Sacred Angel Realms" IS a reflection of my life's work. It is my sacred mission to get this book into the hands of as many beautiful Soul's like you as humanly possible!

There's NO BETTER WAY than to give it away FREE!

#2 - You simply CAN'T FAKE Energy that comes directly from Angels and Universal Energy!

For so many years I hid in the shadows because I was afraid of what people would say or think about me for claiming to "talk to Angels" and being able to connect just as easily as saying "chai soy latte extra hot please."

13 years ago, I took a deep breath ... one of millions of breathes by now ... and started channeling Angel messages and sent them to a handful of close friends. Within 2 1/2 years, there were over 300 people getting these daily Angel messages from all over the world.

Every word in this book is a result of connecting to Angels and Universal Energy day-in-and-day-out ... allowing myself to be a channel for the messages and guidance Angels have to give you and me.

If I'm just another "poser" then you'll get to find our for free. If, instead I am the "read deal" you'll find out for free.


I'm confident that Sacred Angel Realms will not only give you in-depth information, it will drastically simplify the way you connect to Angels and Universal Energy. When you invite Angels into your life, it will never be the same!

I know by helping YOU connect to Angels and Universal Energy in easy, practical and doable ways, you'll join me in one of my MasterClasses and become a raving fan. That makes it win-win for YOU and for ME!

#4 - It's One of a Kind!

There are techniques on how to clearly and easily connect to Angels, that I've not seen anywhere. The information within these pages is the result of being able to intimately connect and communicate with Angels that can only have been channeled from Angels themselves.

Nowhere else is there concise, easy to understand information about the Angelic Realm that gives you insider-secrets of how Angels can help you instantly raise your inner-vibration for outer attraction of more wealth, love and better health.

Being transparent, I put off writing this book for 6 months because it meant no longer hiding and keeping my gift a closely guarded secret that only a handful of my closest friends were privy too. It was an 18-month journey that required a lot of self-reflection and getting out of my own way. Now it's all out in the open.

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Get the book today, and if this book doesn't totally revolutionize the way you connect to Angels and Universal Energy and what you THINK is Possible for YOU, your family, career and your Business, 100% believe you'll love this book, I'll return your $7.95  shipping and you keep the book.

There, it's been said. You can keep the book. Just email me your receipt and I'll give you back your money.

Fair enough?

Thank you beautiful Soul for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

the Angel Lady Terrie Marie is giving away her Best-Selling Book "Sacred Angel Realms" for Free

Marjorie Geiser

"Terrie Marie isn't just writing about Angels. She lives it. this isn't a fad for her; it's her life, and has been for most of it. You won't regret getting this pocket guide if you're curious what Angels can do for you, and how to REALLY get to know them. "

Marjorie Geiser, CEO MEG Enterprises
Moises Benaim

“I had the opportunity to get an early copy of the book, and knowing the author's previous work it was clear to me that this might be an enjoyable reading. Well, it surely was one! As you move on from page to page, you realize that there has to be something out there, powerful and loving, that somehow takes care and guides us thru every stage of our life.”

Moises Benaim , Kibbutz Media

“I have read many books in my research about angels, but this book has captured my attention from start to finish. Terrie Marie answers many questions that I had and others I didn't know I was thinking of. She makes you think and so many AHA moments. I highly recommend this book. A 5 star rating doesn't seem to be enough.”

Darlene "Mama D" Angel Intuitive


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