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Books on Energy Healing

Chakra Archetypes

by Ambika Wauters

Chakras and Their Archetypes focuses on Energy Awareness and Spiritual Growth. If your Chakra's are blocked, there's little that really works in your life no matter how hard you try. This book takes you to a deeper level of understanding how various Archetypes like the Warrior, Victim, Lover and others influence your actions, thoughts and energy on many levels.

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The Healer's Manual

by Ted Andrews

At a 'time' when I was just beginning to 'find myself' this book 'found' me. It discusses Chakra's, sound healing, color healing, fragrance and more. It is a powerful study of energy healing therapies that I found interesting and very helpful. I studied this book long before I knew what Reiki was. I had already been channeling energy for many years and wanted a deeper understanding.

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Your Hands Can Heal You

by Stephen Co & Eric Robins, M.D.

If you've ever wanted in-depth insights into Pranic Healing, this is the book for you. It talks about Prana, Pranic Breathing, how to scan a person's energy and how to sweep it. There's also a section Rainbow Power and using color. The importance of Energetic Hygiene cannot be express enough. Knowing when and how to clear yourself and your clients of negative energies, is critical to overall health and well-being.

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Magick of Reiki

by Christopher Penczak

The cover and the way 'magic' is spelled, is what caught my eye. Opening the book, looking through its pages was magical for me. There are so many aspects to energy healing and Reiki in particular and I wanted another perspective on this ancient healing modality. I particularly liked the sections on Spiritual Anatomy, the symbols and their meanings and Reiki Spirit Guides.

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