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Books on Business and Marketing

The Heart of Marketing

by Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski

This book helped me start my 'journey into marketing' which, quite frankly terrified me! Seriously, as a healer I didn't want to 'sell' anything much less even have an idea of how to say things that helped people know what's in it for them. Coming from the heart is at the center of everything I do and say ... always will be. If you're just getting started or have felt 'icky' this is a good place to start.

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Millionaire Marketing

by Debra Jason

In the beginning, unless you've won the Lottery or inherited lots of cash, the budget can be quite small for marketing and yet, if you don't get your name and what you offer 'out there' you're sunk before you really even get started! Chapter 5 is all about standing in the spotlight, not always easy to do but very necessary. It also addresses conquering fear and overwhelm.

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Talk Like TED

by Carmine Gallo

Public speaking can be very scary and rather intimidating! I got this book to help me become more comfortable in my own skin, sharing the messages about how I could best help others achieve their dreams of living their purpose with prosperity and abundance. The public speaking secrets are take you through a journey of seeing you and your message from a completely different perspective.

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Speak More!

by National Speakers Association

This isn't one of those collaborative books that feels more like it's fluff and hype. Each chapter has real, practical information and action steps to help you prepare and polish your speaking skills. I chose to study this book to help me create better Social Media Live-streams, very much a form of public speaking. It's about going Global and stepping into who you are more fully and openly with grace and ease.

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