It Takes Courage to Peel Back the Layers of Fear ...

... Being Open and Transparent, Sharing My Personal Journey from Fear to FREEDOM!

For many years, Wednesday and Sunday mornings have been set aside for my Spiritual Studies. I spend more time with myself, affirmations, meditation and read one of my Spiritual books to continue my inner growth.

April 2015 something came to the surface from deep within, surfacing in a way that caught my attention very differently than ever before. Earlier that morning I received an email from a client … she was really struggling to transition from the 80% of "stay stuck zone" and into the 20% of "no matter what it takes zone" ... I remember having winced inside as Ego-chitter chatter started with its tirade of thoughts like just like it did every time there was an email from a client:

*are they going to cancel

*are they not getting what they need

*are they not happy with me

Of course there are a few who just simply can't invest in themselves for whatever reason or excuse they use to justify giving up on themselves (that's not what they say to themselves).

That morning as I worked with those feelings, I was determined to get to the bottom of this once and for all, healing, releasing and facing the lion on my pathway.

That particular Wednesday morning in April, I decided to take things one step farther and really dig deep, deeper than ever before … just like I tell my clients to do. So I wrote a letter to Terrie Marie about this very thing, that someone else's action or non-action is not a reflection of me, the value and transformation that working with me offers.

I took my time allowing what I was writing to really dig, going deeper than ever before. This was a real biggie ... during this process what came to the surface is this ... there it was … the fear of abandonment.

Without going into the details of what I’ve already healed over the years, this thing ... this false sense of abandonment reared its ugliness yet again. This was the last time it was EVER going to cause me to back away from who I am and what I came here to do!

I have known about this core issue all my life and have traveled such a very long way. It wasn't until that morning that I was able to link the fear of clients cancelling or not feeling like they were getting what was promised to the feeling of being abandoned.

The feeling of being free from that fear brought tears to my eyes and a sense of peacefulness I hadn't felt before in the depths of my heart and soul ... ever.

In that moment, I knew ... I just knew that I was able to surrender into trust and faith and everything started to fall into place ... more clients  started showing -up and more importantly ... I was showing-up for myself and my clients in a very powerful, life-changing way that I only dreamed about!

    So WHY did I share such a personal part of my inner-journey with you?

    Because everyone --- including me --- has a core issue that stops them from time to time.  AND It's not what you think it is!

    It's what you do about that core issue that determines whether you stay in the "stuck zone" or step out of the shadows of the past so you can create a new reality for you and your family.

    No one really likes to admit that sometimes they don't have it all together. It's like hearing that voice inside your head that's always saying ugly things like ...

    • You are just not good enough for people to want to hire you, get over it.
    • What if they think you're a fraud and you don't have a clue?
    • Who do you think you are anyway calling yourself the Angel Lady?
    • You'll never really amount to anything, so why even try just go get a day job.

    And the list of "negative programming" goes on and on and on ...

    Set Me Free Saturday (tm)

    Set Me Free Saturday (TM) is very powerful. It is freeing. It is enlightening.  It can also be scary especially if you're trying to do it all by yourself and not really have that sense of knowing that you're doing it right or if it will really work for you.

    6 Simple Set Me Free Steps

    • 1

      Facing Your Shadow-Self ...

      ... that always seems to get in the way OR pull you backwards just when things seem to be going your way.

    • 2

      Get completely Honest ...

      ... with yourself about what really triggers you into lack, fear and doubt? What do you really say to you when no one is around?

    • 3

      Walking Boldly Up to the Lion ...

      ... on your pathway, with an open heart and an open mind., facing that shadow part that we'd all like to pretend just doesn't control us anymore.

    • 4

      Confronting Negative Beliefs ...

      ... that have become truths that now control your life.

    • 5

      The Set Me Free Saturday Formula (TM) ...

      ... sets you free, lifting the burden from your heart, mind and your shoulders.

    • 6

      Creating a Vacuum ...

      ... Filling the newly created vacuum with powerful statements, unconditional love and healing energy.

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    What is Set Me Free Saturday?

    From the time we were young, the people around us say things over and over again until it becomes so familiar, we believe what were told. What we believe becomes truth.

    The purpose and intention of Set Me Free Saturday (TM) is to dis-mantle the truth as we know it, creating space within our hearts and minds to believe in ourselves, our unique core gift, feeling empowered and powerful to live our purpose full-out and all-in.

    Set Me Free Saturday is a half-day intensive  that takes you on an inner-journey to re-connect with that part of you that knows --- absolutely knows --- the truth about you and what you came here to do.

    It is about finding that piece of your Soul that feels like it has been missing all this time, filling the void that is created when you face your deepest fear, embracing the shadow part of you and turning to the light with a freedom that propels you forward to living your life with happiness, health and prosperity beyond your imagination.

    Here's What CAN Happen for YOU When You Say YES!

    • 1

      Clear prosperity and abundance channels, attracting your endless good under grace

    • 2

      Resolve relationship issues with family, friends, co-workers ... past and present

    • 3

      Connect with Angels for guidance, clarity, healing and inspiration

    • 4

      Face the lion on your pathway, dissolve fear and doubt

    • 5

      Repair disagreements with your partner, significant other or colleague

    • 6

      Re-connect with you unique core gift with a sense of knowing trusting your intuition or gut feeling

    • 7

      Believe in yourself, your dreams and goals, fulfilling your life purpose

    • 8

      Re-write your negative story into a positive success story

    • 9

      Accept your true worth and value, attracting to you all your wants, needs and desires

    YES! Give Me Instant Access!

    YES! I AM Ready to Connect to 5 Angels to Guide and Set Me Free!

    *Only $97 (Total Value: $811)

    Digital Download Self-Study Course

    This is for you if you want to ...

    • Feel worthy and deserving to have having prosperity and abundance AND being Spiritual
    • Get closure with loved ones that have passed
    • Change their life-story from one that had them feel like they just weren't good enough to into one that supported their dreams and goals
    • Release anger, bitterness and heal heartbreak
    • Get rid of  the fear of never having enough no matter what they do or how hard they work
    • Clear negative energy blocks that keep them from connecting with Angels so they can receive messages and guidance
    • Take that Leap of Faith to the next level in your business, life and work
    • Be unstoppable, making a difference in the world doing what you came here to do
    • Have clarity about the next step, which program or product to create and launch

    Set Me Free Saturday (tm) ...

    ... is my personal process I'm going to GIVING YOU so you get this  ... really get this and stop the trash-talk that keeps you in the "stay stuck zone' faster and in less time.

    It took me years to figure this out ... do you really want to wait and try to figure it all out on your own ...  OR ...  would it be helpful for you to get my secrets that work for me and for my High-End clients?

    What You Get ...

    Set Me Free Saturday (tm) Self-Study Course  ...

    Proven Step-by-Step Formula

    A proven highly effective step-by-step formula to get you out of the "stay stuck zone" and into the "no matter what it takes zone" feeling empowered and unstoppable!

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    Done-for-You Template and  LiveStream Video Recordings

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    This is life-changing if you are open to it!

    “Today I attended the first ever “Set Me Free Saturday.” I have to say that no matter where you are on your life’s journey; the beginning of self-discovery, this is a must do.

    Terrie Marie has insight, focus, compassion, and a direct loving approach when working with her students.

    She is the type of mentor that will ask you reflective questions, talk with you, and show you how to accomplish what YOU want to accomplish by helping you connect with your angels and yourself.

    One of the ways she has done this is with writing letters of forgiveness. In the past I have written many letters but nothing compares to this, the outcome is phenomenal.

    This course brings it even deeper. It can get downright emotional. But like everything you will get out of it what you put into it, be ready to grow, the amount of growth and discovery is up to you.

    This is life changing if you are open to it.”

    Brenda Cole-Bergeron, Heavens Blessings Weddings and Events Planning

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    the Angel Lady's Personal Guarantee

    I am 100% confident that after you implement the proven Set Me Free Saturday ™ step-by-step formula for 30 days, you will begin to get more clarity about what has stopped you from really moving forward and breaking through self-sabotage. Work with the Angel Lady’s personal formula for 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied, I’ll return your money.

    YES! I Want Instant Access!

    YES! I AM Ready to Connect to 5 Angels to Guide and Set Me Free!

    *Only $97 (Total Value: $811)

    Digital Download Self-Study Course

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