Spiritual Expansion – Angel of Duality, Polarity and Balance

The Law of Polarity states that everything in the Universe has an opposite and it is equal and opposite. For every problem there is already in existence a solution. For every action there is any equal and opposite reaction. For lack to exist, abundance must also exist.

There are two sides or aspects of all things, people, situations, circumstances and experiences.

The Angel of Duality, Polarity and Balance provides insight into all the aspects of the whole. Insight allows you to see, feel, hear and experience differently.

All that your conscious or thinking mind thinks and perceives is a sense of reality simply because you have experience the same “physical evidence” over and over and over and over again.

Your sense of reality is reflected in the circumstances, people and situations in your life right now.

Your feeling mind, the sub-conscious mind, feels and expresses through emotion which is then expressed and manifested within and through your physical body into physical form around you.

Examples of Duality: night and day, light and dark, up and down, above and below, inner and outer, right and left.

The Duality aspect reveals the potential in all things to see both light and dark, presenting an opportunity for integration and balance.

Examples of Polarity: positive and negative, yes and no, chaos and harmony, life and death, stagnation and transformation, hate and love, sorrow and healing, lack and abundance.

The Polarity aspect creates an automatic solution to any problem or issue. If you are experiencing lack in any area of your life, the solution or abundance of what appears to be lacking also exists. If it didn’t, the lack wouldn’t exist to begin with.

The Angel of Duality, Polarity and Balance assists you in bringing together both aspects of what’s in front of you right now.

The truth of being whole, complete and perfect appears to be flawed because this isn’t what’s being reflected to you. It’s not what you feel in your heart center.

If you weren’t whole, complete and perfect you wouldn’t exist. It is that simple and that complex.

How do you begin to balance duality and polarity? The 1st step is to acknowledge where you are and that there is within you the opposite of what has manifested around you emotionally and in physical form.

The 2nd step is to embrace that part of you that you have attempted to ignore, deny or simply release into the light hoping that “this time I finally got it right.”

The 3rd step is to open your heart and love that part of you, integrating it into your life. It’s about creating a new tapestry with the various parts or threads of your life in this moment.

Integration creates balance. Balance clears the pathway to allowing all that appears to be lacking in your life to manifest into physical form.

There’s nothing wrong with you. You are note broken beyond being loved, and loving. There is no real lack in your life except that which you have accepted as truths from others in your life.

You are whole, complete and perfect. You are loved beyond measure.


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